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When you’re deciding which light fitting to use, the key factor is how the unit distributes light – whether it needs to be directed down to a work area (direct), reflected onto the working area from the walls or ceiling (indirect), or something in between.

It’s also important to consider how much light is lost by internal reflection and absorption – this can vary depending on the light fitting type, as well as by manufacturer, depending on the quality of materials and the design.

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LED Module Downlight - ELF Series 131

What is the Darklight Technology?

Thanks to the light distribution design which controls the amount of light striking the reflector and the sophisticated reflector which controls the emission of light, the fixture blends into the surrounding architectural space. One will not see any light on the reflector even when the light is ON. 

ELF Series Fixtures adopt a high-precision mirror-finish reflector to minimize glare.